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On 18 October 2016, Cliff Rocke and Rahul Goyal of KordaMentha were appointed Voluntary Administrators of Enerji Ltd.

If you have any questions, please call Winona Schlosser of KordaMentha on (08) 9220 9322 or

About Enerji

Enerji Ltd is a thermal energy company that takes 'waste' heat from power generation and industrial processes and turns it into zero emission electricity. This reduces electricity consumption from the grid or the consumption of fuel for power generation. The outcome is a reduction in operating costs and carbon emissions.

Enerji has made considerable investment in its unique Accretive Thermal Energy Node (ATEN) technology, a modular toolkit for collecting and converting thermal energy from a variety of sources. This allows the company to utilise 'low-grade' as well as 'high-grade' waste heat, and combine multiple heat sources with an overall accretive output.

Enerji has developed ATEN systems for use in various applications.

Harvesting Heat

For over one hundred and thirty years people have used heat to create electricity through the combustion of coal, gas or oil, however, this has come at a cost to the environment. Modern thermal generating systems are limited to their ability to utilise heat. For example, steam turbines require steam at specific temperatures and pressures to operate efficiently. If temperatures are not maintained, traditional turbines can be damaged by water condensing inside fast-moving machinery. Internal combustion engines forgo the use of steam for motive force, but leak more than half their heat into the structure of the engine itself and the exhaust products of combustion.

ATEN Technology

Enerji's heat harvesting capability extends from its Accretive Thermal Energy Node (ATEN) technology. The problem with heat is that it can take so many forms. Heat does not exist on its own – it must be carried by something else, and to harness the energy in heat, it must be moved around...

The Thermal Resource

Every year worldwide, more energy is lost making electricity in thermal generators than all of the energy contained in the coal burned to make that electricity. Discarded heat energy from electricity generation is also easy to harvest, because most of the heat is carried by the turbine exhaust...

Reducing Cost

Energy is costly. In power generation or energy-intensive industrial activities, the cost of importing energy is a significant proportion of the total overhead of operation. Energy is typically imported to a site in the form of coal, gas or electricity...

ATEN Technology

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    Notice is given that the Meeting will be held at 10.30 am on 31 May 2016 at BDO, Ground Floor 38 Station Street, Subiaco WA 6008.

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  • 2015 Annual Report Friday, 29 April 2016

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