Enerji’s heat harvesting capability extends from its Accretive Thermal Energy Node (ATEN) technology.

The problem with heat is that it can take so many forms. Heat does not exist on its own – it must be carried by something else, and to harness the energy in heat, it must be moved around.

In the past, the issue of how to move heat around reliably was solved by standardising the heat as steam. When steam can be supplied at a specific rate and a specific pressure and temperature, turbines can be built to translate the steam’s energy into predictable movement and so into electricity. Turbines are tuned to the specific condition of the steam they expect to receive. When the steam quality falters, so too does the turbine. There are many heat sources that cannot be converted into standardised steam because the temperature in too low, the flow rate inadequate, or because the steam contains other particles that can damage machinery. These are labelled ‘low grade’ and the heat from these sources is usually discarded because it cannot be harvested by traditional turbines.

Enerji’s ATEN technology is a game changer because it is able to utilise heat of any quality. Its modular framework is also able to adapt smoothly to any heat source. It can produce electricity from high grade steam, just like traditional turbines, or from low grade heat using components specifically designed to lower temperatures and flow rates. In addition, ATEN’s heat exchange and buffering components can combine the heat energy from sources at different temperatures to create a standard internal heat source which maximises the efficiency of its motive components. ATEN can even harness heat cascades to utilise heat from the same source at multiple points and differing temperatures.

ATEN is, above all else, a modular approach to harvesting heat. Heat exchange, buffering and power generation components are skid-mounted and of standard dimensions. Equipment can be transported to site and installed using existing low-cost transportation vehicles, and requires minimal downtime for installation. This modular design leads to reduced cost and rapid deployment.

In power generation or energy-intensive industrial activities, the cost of importing energy is a significant proportion of the total overhead of operation. Energy is typically imported to a site in the form of coal, gas or electricity. Enerji’s heat-to-electricity conversion technology reduces fuel use or grid-source electricity consumption, saving considerably on operating costs.

Enerji’s extensive research into thermal generation technology, and the development of the modular and low cost ATEN systems, is driving a transition to emission-free electricity. Enerji’s ATEN devices already produce electricity at lower cost than both diesel and gas fuels for suitably-sized power generation at remote locations. In some cases, its waste heat recovery systems can provide electricity more cheaply than the grid.

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