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The Thermal Resource

Every year worldwide, more energy is lost making electricity in thermal generators than all of the energy contained in the coal burned to make that electricity. Discarded heat energy from electricity generation is also easy to harvest, because most of the heat is carried by the turbine exhaust.

Thermal energy input and output diagram

*source: International Energy Agency Electricity Information Statistics 2014, worldwide: not including combined heat and power plant.

Waste Heat from Smelting

Smelting operations use very high temperatures to melt rock and extract precious minerals. The exhaust from smelting furnaces represents an enormous potential heat resource, but often contains corrosive or abrasive particles. Enerji's ATEN technology ensure heat can be extracted from these exhaust streams without damage to equipment.

Waste Heat from Waste Industrial Steam

Steam is put to a variety of uses in a variety of industrial contexts. Generally, steam must be at a particular temperature and pressure to be useful. Once it has passed through a process, it is frequently discarded, despite containing significant amounts of residual energy. Enerji's ATEN technology can harvest that residual energy, creating electricity that reduces operating costs.