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In a world with spiraling fossil fuel costs and enormous increases in electricity prices, business is seeking power price certainty for its current operations and future projects.

Enerji Ltd (Enerji) is a clean power company whose aim is to lower the cost of power production by generating electricity from waste heat. Our unique, market leading Co-Generation Technology can be fitted to heat emitting assets and is capable of capturing low grade heat. This heat is ordinarily wasted and emitted into the atmosphere, but Enerji can utilize it to produce additional electricity without using additional fuel or creating additional emissions.

Enerji achieves this by capturing the heat wasted in a process plant and produces electricity from it. We achieve this without consuming any additional fuel or creating any additional carbon dioxide. The result is that Enerji’s customers are able to generate power, save money and generate efficiencies within their processes.

We are able to produce more than 20% more electrical power without burning any more fuel or creating any additional emissions. In fact, Enerji can lower CO2 emissions by up to 15%.

Enerji provides the best technological solution tailored especially for Australian conditions and designed to be of maximum benefit to remote mine site locations and towns that generate their own electricity. We also recommend and sell Airec heat exchangers. Please contact for us for a full range of these world class heat exchangers.

If your organisation is burning fossil fuels such as diesel or gas, Enerji can add real value and certainty over your future power generation costs and current efficiency.