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ATEN 4 harvests heat from sources with multiple distinctly different characteristics. Like ATEN 3, the higher temperature heat supplements lower temperature heat to optimise the overall system thermal efficiency, but power is generated using cascading steam or ORC turbines.

Enerji's ATEN technology is a game changer because it is able to utilise heat of any quality. Its modular framework is also able to adapt smoothly to any heat source. It can produce electricity from high grade steam, just like traditional turbines, or from low grade heat using components specifically designed to lower temperatures and flow rates. In addition, ATEN's heat exchange and buffering components can combine the heat energy from sources at different temperatures to create a standard internal heat source which maximises the efficiency of its motive components. ATEN can even harness heat cascades to utilise heat from the same source at multiple points and differing temperatures.

ATEN is, above all else, a modular approach to harvesting heat. Heat exchange, buffering and power generation components are skid-mounted and of standard dimensions. Equipment can be transported to site and installed using existing low-cost transportation vehicles, and requires minimal downtime for installation. This modular design leads to reduced cost and rapid deployment.