Energy is the chemical that revives you to do any work with all your major efforts. However it is ot only the element tat is used by the human as all the organsms resideing in this earth are capable to sucjk out the enery and make a great impact on the earth. The effect can be positive while it may turn out to be devastating. All of it depeds on the kind of usage it carries off. Our ecosystem is a blend of organsm and micro organisms more accurately biotic and abioti factors therefore it is important t take a wide note on the usage and production f the energy more accurately as we are at a state where the energy the no renewable energy to be more accurate is on the way to exrinction. It is solly the humn who are putting up te dark consequences ahead and most probbley the devastating end of te human rign.


By the old life science books it was known tht there are kind of two type of energy base on the sorces and uses aming which one is the renewable souces of wnerg and he other is the non renewable source of energy. The renewable energy is been defined as the energy ehich cam be renewed or reused thereby giving wie opportunities fpr usage as there is no point getting n extinction card. However the non renewable energy on the other side are vry limited one and are been in counting orders. Therefor it is important to save it an use wisely as once it gets exinct then there is no pontof gettngit back on a immediate call or rather for newt hundreds of years.


The non renewable souces of energy such as the thermal energy, petroleum , coal etc are on the edge of extinction because of the excessive use by the humans and with no back up plan of replenishment.howevr the non renewable source of energy lke wind energy, solar energy , hydroelectricity etc can be easily renewed bythe source itself. Therefore aproper balnce beteen the two source of energy is important. Besides in the reign of pollution the renewable sources are definitely a way to get the out of the pollution biut doesn’t happen to occur in case of the non renewable souce of energy.

The point is bvery clear regarding the use of the energy and more accurately kind of energy usage. There are various kinds of enrgy available nd many are under research regime which will sonner be lunched in order to save the non renewable source sof enrgy. Thre is definitely s point of advantage in usingthe former source rather thn lattr one. but restoration o the ecosystem is important and it is the sole duty of the resin living organism to put theri feet form in recovery rather than the using part.

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