1. Create a false mattress with access at the back and side doors

This is a no brainer if you are a carpenter and will need to transfer large pieces of plywood.


Ensure entry in the back and side door by using panels from ply. If you simply use supporting legs on the sides with supporting beams round, it is easy to slide in massive sheets of 8×4 ply in the rear. Create a removable hatch in the bulkhead to get access to smaller stuff from the door.


Experts: a great deal of flexible storage area for large stuff.


Disadvantages: the elevation you take out in the bottom can restrict your position height at the van. If you will need to work within the van, be sure you get a high roof (H2 or H3) to make sure you can stand up straigt. Or use suggestion number… to simply work out.  Check out rolacase, offering van racking solutions in australia.


  1. Use old pipes for keeping kits and glues

Utilize those short, useless pieces of pipe rather than throwing them away! When you have any old pieces of 3″ PVC pipe lying about, simply cut them into 4-5″ bits (10-15cm) and attach them… really anyplace you would like. Attach a simple stainless steel mount in the base facing inwards, working as a service for your glues. Use them to store anything that is round.



Plan out the cabinet to match your’definitely-need’ tools. A cupboard with 2 columns of broad, high shelves from up the flooring for around 3/4 should do just fine. Ensure these shelves are made-to-measure for your precise toolboxes and crates.

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